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Ubuntu Servers in Hyper-V

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Guide for running my Linux game server VM's on my Windows 2019 Hyper-V Server

I am using my Factorio server VM as an example in this guide to remind future me how to do things...

Source Reference

The setup is pretty standard with one major exception.

  • In Hyper-V Manager, select your newly-created VM and click Settings... in the Actions pane

  • Select Security, change the Template drop-down to "Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority"

  • Install Ubuntu using the ISO normally, then perform the Post Install Steps below

Beyond that, it's really no different from deploying any other VM.

Base Configuration

Ubuntu Install quick notes:

  • All the default settings, use LVM

  • Import SSH from GitHub

  • Restart

  • Perform Post Install Steps

Post Install Steps (written against Ubuntu 16.04)

Review the IP Address (last command in the above code block) and Test SSH Connection with the account used to do the installation

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