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Setting up the Minecraft Client

Install Minecraft - Easy Mode

  1. You need a license, be sure you get it from Minecraft.net

  2. Update your Java install - use 64 bit if you have more than 4 GB RAM and a x64 CPU

  3. Download TwitchApp

  4. In TwitchApp, go to Mods

  5. Install a Minecraft mod (Minecraft comes with it)

  6. Start Minecraft and link your Minecraft account

  7. Exit Minecraft

Controller Support for PC JAVA Version

Controller Support Using Steam Controller Profile's Advanced Option (Preferred so far)

  1. Install TwitchApp (if not already done up above)

  2. In TwitchApp, go to Settings -> Minecraft -> Update settings as desired.

  3. Install the Correct Minecraft Mod and exit if it starts correctly

  4. Add to Steam as a non-steam game (should be Minecraft Launcher and it should auto-detect, you may need to manually add)

  5. Start the modded Minecraft again

  6. Select "Launch Options"

  7. Take a screenshot

  8. Document Version

  9. Document JVM Arguments (put in a notepad for now)

  10. Install Forge - Install the version from the previous step

  11. Launch Minecraft from Steam

  12. Select Launch Options

  13. Select Add New

  14. Enter all the settings to match the screenshot from the Modded Launcher

  15. Click Save

  16. Click News

  17. Start Modded Minecraft (us the green 'up' arrow next to play to select the new profile), make sure it is working and exit minecraft

  18. In Steam (Video used to make the following steps):

  19. Start Big Screen Mode

  20. Turn on your controller and make sure it's connected to the computer

  21. Click on Settings

  22. Click on Controller Settings

  23. Enable Your Controller Configuration Support (xbox, playstation, whatever)

  24. Exit Big Screen Mode

  25. Right click on Minecraft Launcher

  26. Select Edit Steam Controller Config

  27. Configure as desired (there's lots of config examples on the internet)

  28. Start Minecraft using Steam

  29. Be sure to select the correct mod

  30. Play game and use controller

Controller Support on PC JAVA Version (works but no deadzone = not a great experience)

  1. Download here

  2. Place in Mods folder

  3. You can find the location:

  4. Start game

  5. Launch Options

  6. Click the Mod

  7. Click the Green Arrow after Game directory

  8. Copy mod to 'mods' folder

QOL Mods that I like so far

  1. VeinMiner

  2. Note: Does not work with Quark, causes client crash.

  1. Quark - Has sort to nearby chests

  2. Requires: AutoRegLib

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