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Things needed

  1. Buy sealant, sealant Pads (optional but they work well), Lint free cloth (we will need several), and a small paint tray (optional)

  2. Clean counters, painters tape (optional) the edges

Steps per coat

  1. Fill tray basin w/ the sealant

  2. Soak the counter top w/ the sealant using the pads. Apply liberally, one tray basin should cover two counters

  3. Keep sealant wet for up to 10 minutes (two counters at a time is a good ratio for 10 minutes)

  4. After 10 minutes, wipe dry w/ the lint free cloth

Overall Instructions

  1. Apply coat

  2. Wait 30 minutes

  3. Apply second coat

  4. Clean Surface

  5. Polish Surface

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