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Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide - Part 6: Export the Maps

We are just about done with the map portion of this guide. We need export our maps, host the logon map somewhere (I use google drive in this example), and then finalize the server cluster map configuration.

Lest create our Export Folder. Click Export −> Local Export. Click OK (it doesn't mater what you select, it's hard configured).

If you browse to c:\ServerGridEditor (where we extracted our ZIP), you will now see an Export folder. Within it are two json files and a folder. We want to use the folder for our map exports.

Next, turn off all the things you don't want your community members to see on the in game map or logon screen. There are a series of checkboxes at the bottom of the editor, uncheck them. I turn off everything except the "Water Tile Background"

File names are Case Sensitive

To export the map, Click Export −> Map Image. Save the file to c:\ServerGridEditor\Export\ServerGrid\ FileName: MapImg.jpg

Click Export −> Cell Images Save the file to c:\ServerGridEditor\Export\ServerGrid\ FileName: Cellmg.jpg Note: this will create mutlpile files, but the names will be auto corrected upon export. Be SURE to name the file Exactly as I typed it. It defaults to PNG which will NOT work.

If you did it correctly, it will look like this (Filename is CELLMG, only the C is Caps):

Notice that ALL of the files are JPG Files.

The parent Directory:

Save the project and close.

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