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Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide - Part 5: Programming the Map

We have our Ports, Public IP, and how we want out map to look. Now we will start to enter in all the values. Beginning with 0x0, or A1.

For this guide we will assume the public IP address of : Be sure you always use YOUR Public IP Address.

Startup the ServerGridEditor again, if it's not already, and open our ServerGrid project. Select the checkbox at the bottom right "Water Tile Background" and you should have something that looks like this:

Configure the Server's

Pull out the Port Planner from the previous step, you will need it.

In 0x0 (top left), hold CTRL and Left Click in the ocean. This will open up the Server Editor. We previously defined some details for our server and we will program them here.

A1 - Temperate (HOME REGION)

  • Query Port - 10000

  • Client Port - 16000

  • Seamless Port - 10600

For A1 Enter:

  • Name (this is the name of your map)

  • IP: <your public IP Address>

  • Port: <Query Port>

  • Game Port: <Client Port>

  • SeamlessDataPort: <Steam Port>

  • Template: TEMPERATE (this populates MOST of the server settings automatically)

  • HOME SERVER: Check the box

  • Optional: My community complains that there are to MANY pirate ships (creating blockades). Here's how you can limit the number of pirate ships. The first line is the variables separated by commas, the second line is the value, also separated by commas (they align).

  • ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult

  • ServerCustomDatas2: 1.0,1.0,0.1

When done, it should look like this:

Click Save, and repeat for each of the other servers. SAVE after every step. NEVER CLICK LAUNCH PREVIEW (it will crash the editor and you will lose unsaved progress. This is a developer button)

A2 - Equatorioal

  • Name: <your zone name>

  • IP: <your public IP>

  • Template: Equatorial

  • Query Port - 10001

  • Client Port - 16002

  • Seamless Port - 10601

  • ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult

  • ServerCustomDatas2: 1.0,1.0,0.1


B1 - Tropical

  • Name: <your zone name>

  • IP: <your public IP>

  • Template: Tropical

  • Query Port - 10300

  • Client Port - 16600

  • Seamless Port - 10900

  • ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult

  • ServerCustomDatas2: 1.0,1.0,0.1


B2 - Polar

  • Name: <your zone name>

  • IP: <your public IP>>

  • Template: Polar

  • Query Port - 10301

  • Client Port - 16602

  • Seamless Port - 10901

  • ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult

  • ServerCustomDatas2: 1.0,1.0,0.1


After the last region is updated. You should have something like this:

Spawn Regions

This is quick and easy to update. Click Edit −> Edit Spawn Regions. Give the first entry a name like "starting location" and a value of 0,0. (that zero comma zero). Click Save

Placing Islands and the Ghost Ship Path

We need to place a bunch of default islands before we can place anything else. Luckily, we already know the names that we need from the previous step.

From our previous step, let's look at the information we care about right now. Find the matching island name on the right side and drag it onto your map. Hold Right Click to rotate the islands.

NOTE BEFORE YOU CONTINUE!! We need to write down the x,y location of EACH powerstone island (anywhere on the island, this just creates the quest icon on the map, does not need to be exact). Do it now to save yourself some headaches later. Recommend putting them into a spreadsheet, we need to do some math with it in an upcoming step. The X and Y coordinates can be found just above the island section portion of the application.


  • Mnt_Y_WU_PVE (for PS1)

  • Mnt_X_WR_PVE (for PS2)

  • Mnt_S_WT_PVE (for PS3)

  • Cay_H_WR_E (for the starter island)

Note: If you want new players to spawn at your Freeport island(s) and not any random island, CTRL + Left click your freeport island(s) and change the spawn override value to 0. If you have multiple freeport islands you give each one a number. 0,1,2,3 and so on.


  • Cay_C_EE_PVE (for PS4)

  • Mnt_R_CH_PVE (for PS5)

  • Mnt_R_CL_PVE (for PS6)


  • Mnt_G_ET_PVE (for PS7)

  • Mnt_U_ER_PVE (for PS8)




  • ISLANDS - no predefined islands!

For each PowerStone (PVE) Island that we just added, we need to configure the powerstone settings for them. CTRL + Left click on the island and populate the following fields:

  • Mnt_Y_WU_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 0

  • Mnt_X_WR_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 1

  • Mnt_S_WT_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 2

  • Cay_C_EE_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 3

  • Mnt_R_CH_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 4

  • Mnt_R_CL_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 5

  • Mnt_G_ET_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 6

  • Mnt_U_ER_PVE

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas1 = PowerStoneIndex

  • IslandInstanceCustomDatas2 = 7

Now that our islands are done, we still need to place our Ghost Ship Path for the 9th PowerStone Quest, AND mark it's x,y location on the map. Move your mouse cursor to an empty region of ocean in grid B1 (1,0) and hit P.

You can drag those Blue and Black circles around to make a path, recommend keeping this one in the same zone. Hold Right Click on one of the Blue\Black Circles to rotate them and curve the paths. Hit + while hovering over a Blue\Black circle to add another point.

CTRL + Left Click on the BLUE node to configure it as a Ghost Ship. Enter the following values:

Path Name: GhostShip
AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval: 21600
AutoSpawnShipClass: Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/ShipPaths/PathFollowingGhostShip_BP.PathFollowingGhostShip_BP'
Auto Spawn At First Node: CHECKED

Move your mouse over the BLUE circle and write down the X and Y coordinates.

For the Final Boss, I'm going to put my mouse cursor in the middle of B2 (1,1) and write down the coordinates.

Additionally, we need to tell the game that the end-boss is here. There are two ways to add the end boss to your map.

  1.  MapEditor (GUI method)

  • CTRL + Left Click in the ocean where you want the end boss to appear

  • In the "Edit Server" window, find "ExtraSublevels" (lower right text box), and add "EndBossLevel"

  1.  Edit the JSON

  • You need to add the following to your ServerGrid.JSON file:

  • Find the appropriate grid section in the json for extraSublevels and totalExtraSublevels sections

  • Find and update to match:

"extraSublevels": [
     "totalExtraSublevels": [

Now, I'll add a few more small islands around for people to explore and level. Keeping away from the center of B2 (our boss spawn). Note, the Powerstone islands are NOT noob level areas. They have 70+ level mobs all over them. A few extra islands are nice to have.

Our map should look something like this now:

If you want to add some NPC Trading Ships. Move your mouse over open water, hit P again and modify the path (CTRL + LeftClick) with the following:

Name: NPCTrader1
AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval: 0
Auto Spawn At First Node: CHECKED

Note: NPCTrader is a blueprint name (we believe), you can select any number between 1 and 9. NPCTrader4 or NPCTrader9, for example.

Don't forget to save!

Discovery Zones - Part 1 (Island Names)

Adding discovery zones is option but it allows you to name your islands and reward members for exploring. Hold SHIFT and Drag a Left Click over an island to create a Discovery Zone Box. Shift + Left click on the Discovery Zone to bring up an editing window where you can name the discovery zone. (This prevents you from having to keep track of the order in which you created the zones.) Repeat until you have all of your discovery zones that you want in the game. DiscoveryZones are one of the default ways to increase the max character level for your server.

Click Edit −> Edit Discovery Zones. Modify the Name, give them EXP to award (I use varying amounts that get larger the further away from the starting area someone gets). Decide if you want them to make landfall, or if they can discovery the island from the water.

We will add the PowerStone Discoveries directly into the JSON at the end of the next section.

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