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Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide - Part 2: Requirements

Requirements to Run an Atlas Dedicated Server

Atlas on Windows has a few prerequisite requirements before you can run the Atlas Server. It needs DirectX, REDIS, and SteamCMD.

Install DirectX Web Updater

  1. This is an exe that you download, run, and install. No guide necessary. Just install it.

Install REDIS for Windows

  1. Download RDIS

  2. Run the installer

  3. Accept the default settings or customize

  4. If you change the port, write the new port down and update as appropriate when configuration the database within the Map Setup Section of this guide.

  5. Once installed, a redis service will be running; stop the service

  6. Start −> Run −> Services.msc

  7. Find REDIS, Right Click −> STOP

  8. Update the REDIS Config File

  9. <install location>\redis.windows-service.conf

  10. Update Password

  11. Find and Replace (remove the # and change the password):

  12. FIND:#requirepass foobared

  13. REPLACE:requirepass yourpassword

  14. Update Max Memory

  15. Find and Replace:

  16. FIND:#maxmemory <bytes>

  17. REPLACE:maxmemory 2gb

  18. Update the 2gb to a number that makes sense for your server setup, my redis w/ 9 maps uses about 30mb

  19. If you are running all atlas instances on a single computer, then go to the next step

  20. For multiple computers or VMs we need to listen on the servers IP Address:

  21. Find and Replace (add a # at the beginning of the line) to listen on ALL IP Addresses:

  22. FIND:bind

  23. REPLACE WITH:#bind

  24. OR add another line if you want it to listen on a single IP address:

  25. ADD (optional):bind <your.server.IP.here>

  26. Save the file

  27. Restart the REDIS Service

  28. Start −> Run −> Services.msc

  29. Find REDIS, Rick Click −> START

Install SteamCMD

  1. Make a directory for steamcmd, install it, and start the ATLAS downlaod

  2. Download steamcmd.exe and run the file from the appropriate directory; I used "c:\program files\steamcmd" and I also used a custom ATLAS install directory.

  3. From the steamcmd cli:

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