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Atlas Dedicated Server Setup Guide - Part 12: Tips and Lessons Learned

Matching Island Climate to the Map Climate

Map the Island Climates to the Map Climate

I was running into issues where I had freezing islands in a tropical zone. After some investigation, I found that each island has a climate associated to it. Before placing an island, be sure to select it on the right hand side of the map editor, click Edit Island, and review the ExtraSublevels section at the bottom right to determine which type of climate that island belongs. You can then match this to your server templates, if you are using them, (click Show Server info checkbox) to quickly assign an island to the right climate.

Removing the Level Cap of the Home Server

Edit Server (via map editor)

  Override ShooterGameMode DefaultGame.ini Values
 Key = bClampHomeServer 
 Value = False

(or add it to the Game.ini for the individual map) (you can also modify the Server Template with these settings)

Create Lawless Regions (no claim flags)

Edit Server (via map editor) Override ShooterGameMode DefaultGame.ini Values by adding the following two keys

  Key = bDontUseClaimFlags
 Value = 1
 Key = NoClaimFlagPeriodDecayMultiplier
 Value = 4

(or add it to the Game.ini for the individual map) (you can also modify the Server Template with these settings)

Set PvP or PvE


  Under:  [ServerSettings]
 Add:  ServerPVE=1


Edit Server (via map editor) OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues


Whales and Squids

These were added on 1/7/2019 to the official map templates. If you followed this guide after the 7th then you probably already have them in your game. Otherwise: (./ShooterGame/Content/Atlas/Creatures/ search for *Character_BP* to see the asset templates that are used below, there's a structure format in the below commands)

Gentle Whale:

"OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": "(NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_Character_BP.GentleWhale_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000))),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=12.000000)",

Gentle Whale SeaMonster:

"OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": "(NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP.GentleWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000)),(NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_Character_BP.GentleWhale_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000))),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=4.000000)",

Mean Whale and Mean Whale SeaMonster:

"OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": "(NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/MeanWhale/MeanWhale_Character_BP.MeanWhale_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000)),(NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/MeanWhale/MeanWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP.MeanWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000))),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=4.000000)",


"OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": "(NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/Squid/Squid_Character_BP.Squid_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=0.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000),bForcePreventSpawnOnOcean=True)),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=4.000000)",

ServerCustomDatas Values

Types of Settings


Example (variable in ..Datas1 aligns to ..Datas2):

ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult,FloatsamQualityMultiplier,TreasureBottlesEnabled,DisableClaimFlags
ServerCustomDatas2: 2.0,0.5,1.6,1.4,0.0,1

Experience Modifiers


Under: [ServerSettings]

Add one or more of the following on a new line (adjust values as desired):


These are ZONE wide, not island specific.

CPU Utilization - Limiting server FPS

The dedicated servers do not need to process graphical updates like the clients and therefore can run with a lower Frame Per Second (FPS). Many of the servers today are using around 15 FPS, including the Official ones for now. You can control this setting per map server.

In ShooterGame/Saved//Config/WindowsServer/Engine.ini Add the following two lines


You can change the "15" to your desired FPS number. I would not recommend going below 15, and I do not see much need to go above 30 on your dedicated servers. This setting will have a noticeable impact on CPU performance.

Community Maps

I do not provide support for these maps but you are welcome to go out and use them.

1x1 Map by Nettle



  • What I personally find to be some of the most iconic islands in the game, balanced with the variety of resources they provide.

  • 25 Discovery zones highlighting natural features or structures on the islands.

  • Modified main questline to be "The Purple Stone", which asks the player to visit the powerstone island an claim the power stone.

  • My signature custom map image with grid :)

3x3 Map by NaCHO



  • Full Quest Line to defeat the kraken

  • Includes spawns for mermaids/gentle whales

  • All resources can be found!

  • All islands are named have Discoveries/XP so go explore!

  • Ghost Ship and NPC trader ship Routes (marked on map)

  • Custom Map images for a much more authentic experience

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