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7 Days To Die Failpire Community Server Access

Failpire Community Server

The twitch community members of the Failpire have access to our modded 7 Days to Die server. The server is currently running the War of the Walkers Mod. Members can play on the server without the mod but they will experience a number of GUI glitches which include large red Question Marks where UI Graphic Elements are missing.

Install the Mod:

The mod can be downloaded here:

Download the mod by clicking on the "Download Game Mod" button and then selecting Open once the zip file has been downloaded.

Next, find, or browse, to the default game installation directory. Steam has a nice properties feature that can take you directly to the right location.

The next step is easy if you open the two windows (Zip file contents and 7 days directory). First, copy the MODS directory into the game directory. Then open the Data folder in BOTH windows.

In the Data directory, copy the CONFIG and PREFABS folders from the ZIP file into the DATA folder of the 7 Days To Die folder. You will overwrite the duplicate files.

Once complete, start the game and go to the Server Browser. The Community Server is listed under the MODDED servers and can be easily found by entering 'failpire' in the search window.

The password to the server is available to all of our Twitch Community Members. If you aren't a member but love the game, then stop by and join us!(link redirects to app.twitch.tv)

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